The Central Ohio Saturn CarClub's Mission Statement :

The Central Ohio Saturn CarClub, Inc. believes fun is a duty and making friends is a promise. We are committed to action and not words. We are helping the community and having a great time doing it.

Our mission is to:

Involve ourselves in community activities, charities, and promotions to give the club an altruistic identity and a deeper, more viable sense of purpose;

Build a spirit of community through fellowship and fun;

Extend our credibility as a club by becoming the premier car club in Central Ohio and serve as a role model for other Saturn CarClubs by our example and our enthusiasm.


Site updated August 11th, 1998

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Poker Road Rally
100th New Car Clinic
1998 EV1 Test Drives
1998 Spring Hill
Spring Hill Car Show
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Spring Hill AutoCross 2
98 Saturn Day at the Zoo
98 Saturn Day at the Zoo 2
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Skip LeFauve
Spring Hill Plaque's
New Owner's Car Clinic
Holiday Parade
Orbit The Bear
1998 CarClub Officers
Christmas Caroling
Autoshow Meeting
1998 Autoshow
1998 Donor Day
WOSU Auction
White Water Rafting
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